Lifting Tackle

Lifting Tackle is a simple and flexible lifting tackle and LOLER management and recording system.


LT Dashboard

Simple overview of the lifting equipment statuses. Easily find missed or pending inspections. Lists can be filtered or searched quickly and easily by the administrator to monitor equipment use and bookings.


As well as inspections the Lifting Tackle app lets registered users book out tackle they need to use. The booking system records and timestamps use of equipment as well as checking suitability to lift the selected load.

LT Bookings



With a simple workflow returned tackle is sidelined for inspection to ensure equipment is suitable to go back in service once returned.


Lifting Tackle also includes the abililty to handle multiple clients, unlimited equipment and users. Filtering and grouping by type and class. Unlimited technical details for equipment types as well as classes. Preconfigured with basic types of tackle to get you started.