Little Reminders

Developed a few years ago as an internal project the LittleReminder site combines a surprising number of technologies. It started as an experiment with user interface drag and drop and grew to be working app in its own right.

Reminders - Desktop

Reminders Desktop

The main site uses ajax and javascript to create a user friendly and simple interface. Recently updated with jQuery which provided an improved cross platform experience it remains a useful app sending email reminders of a regular basis to many users.

Reminders - Mobile

As an experiment the reminders site was updated to provide a mobile version powered by jQuery mobile. This provides a mobile friendly way to manage reminder on the go.

Reminders Mobile

The Future

Lifestyles QR

It is planned to update the reminders site to object oriented design using codeigniter where the MVC paradigm allows a more. flexible approach. From there expect a mobile app to manage reminders fully while on the go, even if you are offline.