Lifestyles Festival

Developed for the Lifestyles Festival in Hunstanton in 2014. The Lifestyles app was built for Android and Windows phone platforms to provide visitors with a host of festival information. Developed in HTML 5 using the cross platform Intel XDK using Cordova and intel libraries to provide a responsive app for phones and tablets on both platforms. It is available to download from the Google Play and WindowsPhone stores.

Main Page


The main page connects to to retrieve and display Hunstanton weather information. It also reads in tide times for the Sea based events.


Activities reads in web based data and stores it locally on the device, updating in the background each time the page is activated. Off canvas techniques are used to provide a sliding drill down into the activited from the titles to the lists and into the activity data.

Activities also links in to the web based advertising for festival sponsors cycling through ads on refresh and timed basis.

Lifestyles Activities

QR Hunt

Lifestyles QR

Developed from scratch for Lifestyles the QR Hunt stores a selection of QR codes in the cloud. Users can register and enable scanning of the codes to be entered in the competition. The cloud component handles login and scoreboard components too. The device connects and the stores user data securely in the app to maintain a persistent login.

Map interacts with the Google Maps API and the lifestyles data to build a custom map with pins for the lifestyles event locations..

Lifestyles map