Inspection System

Inspection system is a simple and flexible statutory mandatory or reliability inspection management and recording system. Currently available pre configured for Air Conditioning with ATEX, PAT and Pressure Systems.


IS3 Dashboard

Simple overview of the inspection statuses. Easily find missed or pending inspections. Lists can be filtered or searched quickly and easily by the administrator to monitor progress of service engineers.


As well as inspections the Breakdown wizard steps you through the entry of a breakdown report. Once completed the report is available as a pdf for the client to download.

IS3 Breakdowns


Lifestyles QR

Designed for iPad for in field completion of inspections the inspection form uses a simple touch interface for completing the service record. Service reports allow recording of hours, parts and all the usual service details.


Inspeciton System also includes the abililty to handle multiple clients, unlimited equipment and structuring. Filtering and grouping by department and area. Unlimited technical details for equipment types. Flexible an unrestricted inspection points. Fully responsive for mobile or desktop use.